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Review of Feast Happy

About a month ago an email dropped into my inbox from Tom at Feast Happy asking if I’d like to try their new food delivery service. Now, there are a lot of delivery offerings popping up – we’ve all been handed out about a million £10 off cards on London Bridge on our way to work. They are all trying to rival the big man, Deliveroo. Well, Feast Happy are doing it differently.

Feast Happy are not any food delivery service – they deliver food made by top chefs that day, par-cooked and delivered straight to your door for you to finish off in the oven and enjoy piping hot. I know I’m not alone when I say that sometimes the last thing you want to do when you walk in the door after work is to start cooking a meal from scratch, but more often than not I really don’t fancy a greasy takeaway. I want something fresh, nourishing and tasty! And this is where Feast Happy really hit the spot. I think they’re onto something great for Londoners.

Currently working with Rochelle Canteen to produce the high quality meals, the dishes are par-cooked and chilled for freshness. This ensures every element is at its best when you enjoy your meal. Other great restaurants are in the pipeline which will add to the variety of cuisines on offer.

How it works

It’s so easy to use too. You order online – at the moment there’s just one option but they’re looking to change this very shortly. If you order before 6pm you can get delivery that night! And if you order in advance you can choose between two slots – 5-6pm or 7-8pm.

All deliveries are made on bike and once they’re on their way you receive a text with an estimated delivery time. Meals are served in oven safe, 100% recyclable packaging for easy heating. The dishes take no more than 20 mins to finish off in the oven. One thing I did point out to the guys was there should be a reminder on the text to say pop the oven on to pre-heat, as I forgot to do this so it added about 5 mins! I mean totally my fault, so a reminder would be fab.

Then all you have to do is enjoy your delicious, wholesome meal. It’s really that easy!

Feast Happy Review

Zomato meetup

The guys from Feast Happy held a small dinner party for a bunch of food bloggers recently and so I got to try even more of the great food from Rochelle Canteen. It was great to meet the guys behind it all and for them to fill us in on what they’re doing.

It was started by Eric Mushel and Tom Cole, two friends based in London with a passion
for good food and a healthy lifestyle. The idea began after arriving home from a long days at work with no time or energy to cook a nice meal from scratch. The core belief is around the importance to eat well, and to give London this option to eat better, conveniently. All sounds good to me!

On the evening we also got to meet Sous Chef from Rochelle Canteen, Euan Farmer. It was great to meet such a great chef who is so passionate about the food that he serves! We started with a lovely light roasted red pepper, british feta and rocket salad and some brilliant cocktails. It was great to meet some new faces and as always great to chat all things food with fellow bloggers!

There was a choice for our main course and obviously I went for the meaty option – an oxtail and barely stew. Served with a spicy horseraddish sauce I really enjoyed this – such a perfect dish for these winter nights!

To finish we had an epic chocolate and hazelnut tart – it was so moreish, I could have eaten the whole thing and definitely need to get the recipe!

If you’re looking for a food delivery service with a difference then I highly recommend Feast Happy.

Thank you to Feast Happy and Zomato for hosting such a lovely evening!

*The Feast Happy delivery was complimentary and I was a guest at the dinner party. All views remain my own.

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