Jackdaw and Star, Homerton

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Review of Jackdaw and Star, Homerton

A couple of weeks ago a friend was visiting from Manchester and so a big group of us decided to get together for a long overdue catch-up over a Sunday roast. I’m going to be pretty big headed here, but, I think I make a pretty good roast, and probably the best gravy ever. So I don’t normally choose to have a roast out, but there is something so nice about a massive group of your friends together with wine and a roast on a cold sunny Sunday.

We had booked up the Adam and Eve for 3pm. We were all chatting away so furiously that we didn’t realise the time and it was just before 4pm and there were rumours going around the pub that there were only 11 roasts left! Queue panic and us all heading to the bar to order… The only roasts they had left was the veggie option but not all of us could have eaten. And apparently the kitchen had run out of roasts. No one came to tell us. And what’s more as we were leaving about an hour later tables were being served with roasts! Shame because I’ve heard such great things about the food there, maybe we went on an off day.

But after the panic had died down I went over to the Jackdaw and Star opposite, which has recently been given a great makeover, and very luckily they could fit us all in a little later. They were our saviours!!

It’s such a lovely pub with the bar in the middle (which I love) and such friendly staff. The chef personally brings out most of the food and is happy to answer any questions – we loved her. Also for about £3 you can have unlimited sides, that includes yorkshires. That’s right, unlimited yorkshires. My god.

I went for the pork belly with a plum compote. I loved this! The crackling was great and really liked the plum, slightly spicy. Very nice. It comes with a plate piled full of potatoes, veg and two yorkshires. Others went for the beef and the stuffed chicken thighs. It all looked delicious and obviously the boys went for the unlimited sides! I may have had an extra yorkshire.

The atmosphere in here is fantastic, great staff and the food bloody good. Can’t wait to get back there.

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