The Cocktail Trading Company, Smithfields

Cocktail Trading Company Smithfields
Smithfields is going through a change: new restaurants and bars are popping up everywhere. The Cocktail Trading Company is getting in on the action and bringing it’s inventive trademark cocktails and down-to-earth atmosphere to Smithfields. Situated in the heart of Farringdon this basement bar is the second instalment from award winning bartenders, Andy Mil, Olly Brading and Elliot Ball.

As with its sister venue, the bar serves up a menu of wonderfully entertaining, exciting and expertly created cocktails. They have definitely become known for their experimental cocktails with edible garnishes and rather creative drinking vessels!

What cocktails should you order? Well to witness the full theatrics I would definitely recommend Citizen Cane. Served in what looks like a snow globe, this cocktail is described as light, zesty and evocative. And that it is: cachaca, cardamon-vanilla infusion and lime juice are to name but a few of the ingredients. If you like a large pickle and chip sticks on the side of your cocktail (I mean who doesn’t!?) then the Snapper’s Delight is for you. Served in a ketchup bottle this bourbon with chilli, pepper and peach jam cocktail will definitely leave you wanting to order another.

Cocktail Trading Company Smithfields
Have a favourite tipple? Definitely ask the bartenders if they can whip it up for you – they know their stuff here. I had a wonderful pisco sour and overheard them creating an amaretto sour ‘with a difference’ for someone else. I’m not sure what this difference was, but I’ll definitely be back to find out. I hear that if you challenge the bartenders by offering valuables and knickknacks you may be able to exchange them for cocktails. Definitely worth a shot!

Little tip: when looking at the address don’t get confused like I did – you do not need to ask for Janice inside. No no, it’s actually inside all-day restaurant and bar, Ask for Janice, which looks on to Smithfield Market. Walk through the restaurant and down the stairs into an intimate den, where you can escape the dreary british weather.

This is a great little bar and I definitely need to go back to carry on working my way through that brilliant cocktail menu!

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